Storm Trackers Fan Club




The Storm Tracker Club was formed to help promote fan participation, in Guelph and the surrounding area. Our most important role in the Storm Organization is to present the Educational Award once a month to the member of the team with the Paul Fendley Award and to the overall winner. They will be the Storm's nominee for the league's Bobby Smith Award. This award is based on his academic performance in High School.

The Storm Trackers are glad to see so many familiar faces about the arena. We are looking forward to seeing many NEW members as well. This will be another GREAT winter of OHL Hockey in Guelph!

Let's support our team this year, with more out of town bus trips ! There must be a minimum of 35 people signed up per trip for them to run.

Proposed bus trips for the 2013-2014 season:

Overnight trip to Erie - Saturday November 13th, 2013
Sarnia Sting - Sunday December 8th, 2013.
Owen Sound Attack - Saturday December 14th 2013
Barrie Colts - Tuesday December 31st, 2013.
Windsor Spitfires - Saturday February 1st 2014
Last Regular Season Game - Owen Sound - Sunday March 15th 2014

Come visit us at the Tracker Table for more information! We are located on the concourse behind sections 101-102.

This year, the Shriner's will join us in our jersey draws!
Half of the profits from these draws will be donated to Hopewell Children's Home & the Guelph Drop In Centre.

Thank you for your continued support!!


2013-2014 Guelph Storm Trackers Executive:

President - Annette Montgomery
Vice President - Al Plat
Treasurer - Jeff Bowman
Secretary - Jeannie Johnston

Gary Gray Sr.
Joanne Skerritt
Sandy Wilson

                                               Storm Trackers Draw    
Storm Game   Tracker Jersey Draw
  Jr. Tracker Puck Draw
  Tracker Membership Draw
Sept 20th      
Sept 27th     Hayden Veale  
Sept 29th   Jeff Gilmour   Larissa Warren   Sharon Gillespie
Oct 4th   Jeannie Johnston   Cody Billings   Tim McCullough
Oct 18th   Greg Davidson    Alex Keating    Katie Srefried 
Oct 20th   Terry Dolby    Zorka Szanovics    Quinton Bridges 
Oct 25th    Yvonne Bowes   Quinton Bridges    Turi Connoly Smith
Oct 27th   John Kentman    Thomas Warren   Judy Foilier
 Nov 1st  
Nov 3rd
Nov 8th   Larry Bluhum   Hunter Vilae   Brian Lemmons
Nov 15th
   Andrew Shutsa    Brayden Chumbley   Shane Fortier
Nov 22nd
   Mark Norton   Carter Billings   Laury Townsend
Nov 24th
   Laurie Brohman    Cole Keating   Willa Machio
 Nov 29th
   Darryl  Nichol   Cooper Billings   Chuck Koch
Dec 6th
  Heather Martin
Dec 15th        Zach Sorbara   Pat Billings
Dec 19th
   Scott & Julia Rasso       Karen Noel
Dec 29th
Jan 3rd   Hayley Cookson   Brayden Chumbley   Don McKei
Jan 10th   -    Zach Sorbara    -
Jan 12th    Jan Laird   Jackson Kentner   Heather Martin
Jan 19th    Stella Wilson   Hunter Vale   Yvonne Bowes
Jan 24th    Scott + Julia Rasso    Carter Billings   Diane Bridges
 Jan 26th
   Laurie Burton    Miranda Garcia   Tim McCulligh
Jan 31st   Paul Hzzopardi   Hayden Veale   Val Burton

Feb 6th   Brian Hemmons    Hayden Veale   Randy Flewelling
Feb 7th       Brayden Skerritt   Tom Gutpill
Feb 17th    Kim Kataya    Colin Buckley   Mark Raftis
 Feb 21st
   David Mussett    Thomas Warren   Rick Johnston
Feb 23rd
  Robert McFadzen   Logan Cox   Jeff Hiller
Mar 7th    John Halliburton   Logan Cox    
Mar 12th    Kim Kataja   Connor Chumbley   George Coutts
Mar 14th            
 March 21     Jackson Kentner   Linda Acur   
March 22
   John Reid